One Way Nintendo Can Get Third Parties!

I might just have the craziest idea you’ll ever hear on how Nintendo can get third parties.  You might even hate the idea, but the more you listen to it, the more you’ll also understand how it may also be the most effective…

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2 thoughts on “One Way Nintendo Can Get Third Parties!

  1. While it’s not a bad idea, remember that not many games, especially the japanese games, are optimized for windows os. Nintendo and its 3rd party are mostly japanese, which means that developing for a Windows environment is much harder for them. Also, the xbox one, the windows-operated console, is basically non existent in Japan. Developing for pc is not always peaches and roses for western devs either. We have great examples of windows ports from consoles that are horrible, like Batman Arkham Knight, Gears of War Ultimate, Quantum Break, etc. And finally, Nintendo might have to pay Microsoft some kind of royalty for using their OS, which they likely don’t want.

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    1. Optimization is always an issue, but we’re talking minimizing that by using an environment close to the development phase, which is what MS and Sony did with their current gen platforms. Nintendo SHOULD try to join this format regardless of what they choose to use for their OS, but Nintendo unfortunately has a history of NOT making things easy for devs, only focusing their designs on internal project ideas and games. Also, the OS has nothing to do with the Xbox One’s performance in Japan. You also have to consider that the majority of game devs WORLDWIDE probably utilize Windows products in one capacity or another.


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