Incoming DLC Reviews Galore!

If you don’t already watch my live streams, then you probably aren’t aware that I am working on DLC reviews for several games.  While it seems quiet on my end in terms of games, I’ve been quite busy!  Over the next several weeks, keep your eyes peeled for DLC reviews of the following:

Star Wars Battlefront – Bespin
Forza Motorsport 6 – Porsche Expansion DLC
Forza Motorsport 6 – NASCAR Expansion DLC
The Division – Underground DLC

All the reviews will be both written for site viewers and naturally have an associated video from my YouTube channel for those of you who wish to see things in action!

In other news, Jeremy (Darth Praxis) might be working on a 4k discussion article, and I might just be deciding to take the plunge on that somewhat-of-an-unknown game called No Man’s Sky.  Naturally, that means a release night live stream (and code giveaway) as well as some gameplay footage.

Enjoy your games, not your systems!

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