This Week: 4K Gaming, No Man’s Sky Review, Underground DLC Review Delayed

Hello Zylians, your unsurprisingly unbiased overlord ZyroXZ2 here with what to expect this week!

Thanks to the increase in resolution, I can now tell this is a black man.

Tomorrow morning, expect Jeremy’s long absence to be broken by an article: he discusses 4K gaming!  Sure, most of us have wallets that moan and groan and would probably kill us if they were sentient beings able to retaliate against abuse, but since they can’t…

It’s my Arwing, and I’m sticking with it even though it can’t do barrel rolls.

I said it twice during my live streams of it, but my No Man’s Sky review goes up this week on Thursday!  What can you expect?  I have no clue, perhaps you’ll just have to pucker some buttholes and prepare for what might not be what you wanted to hear or read.  Of course, you might be the type that says to yourself, “I never let reviews affect my buying decisions”.  I have a few choice words on that, but perhaps that’s a video that will be coming in the future.

Party size is four, most promo images only have three party members. Marketing logic.

And finally, I have delayed the review for The Division – Underground DLC for a very good reason: I am getting an Xbox One S!  Since it has a small bit more power, and The Division has its framerate dips, I will be doing a side-by-side to see if even 30fps games see a benefit from the additional 7% GPU power.  For science.  Stay tuned!

Naturally, please stalk me here, here, and here.  Thanks!

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