Meet Our Latest Staff Addition!

Hello Zylians!  As mentioned earlier this week, I’m adding a new staff member!  Sure, I don’t think our dear Jeremy (Darth Praxis) even got an introduction like this and it’s totally not fair, but at the same time, he… uh… uhm…… Nope, sorry, I’ve got nothing.  I’m sorry Jeremy!

If you look closely, her pinky is actually sticking out.

Without further ado, Emma (Shelfy) will be joining the site team!  What will her contributions be, you ask?  She will be bringing back none other than her Krafty Koopa video series!  How does that contribute to the site?  The site will house a written version with instructions and pictures.  This will give Shelfy not only a place to house her Krafty Koopa series, but a way for people without powerful interwebs to still learn how to make stuff!  Yes, that’s right: the series is all about showing you how to make cool and nerdy things!

Her first Krafty Koopa reboot video will be coming soon, but until then keep it locked on to see what her latest creations will be!

Want to check out who Shelfy is?  You can find her in the following places:

Twitter | YouTube

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