This Week: Giveaways Galore, Underground DLC Review Delayed, Is the Xbox One S Worth It?

Hello Zylians, this week’s got a few interesting tidbits.  First off is the stuff most people seem to like in life: free stuff!

Yup, that’s a $10 eShop code giveaway going on over on Twitter!  But WAIT, there’s MORE!  If you’re reading this when it posted (or near to it), I’ll be going live in about an hour over on my Twitch channel at 1PM PST!  Why is that part of the giveaways?  Because if we reach 30 live viewers, I’ll do a giveaway for a $20 code of the winner’s choice!  So get on over there and follow me on Twitch if you haven’t already so you know when I’m live!

Anyone else get a sort of RE4 vibe out of this pic?

In other news, I have decided to delay all of The Division’s individual DLC releases into a single “Season Pass DLC Review”.  Thus, for those of you waiting on my review of the Underground DLC, I apologize: it’s never coming!  Instead, look for my review towards the end of the year when all 3 DLC packs for the season pass have hit.  This seems to be the better way to handle this…

Sorry folks, no cowboy to be seen here!

Finally, Thursday’s primary video will be about my experience with the Xbox One S, and how it answers one very important question: is it worth the upgrade?  While for newcomers, the obvious choice is always the latest model, there are those who currently own Xbox Ones that might be wondering if it’s worth the move to the slim.  I answer that on Thursday, and the answer just might surprise you!

Be sure to get all up on my YouTubes to catch all the video action, and keep it locked here on for everything else!

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