This Week: ReCore, Is the PSVR Too Expensive?

Hello Zylians, ZyroXZ2 here with your weekly update on what to expect!

Yes, yes I AM a real game.

Yes, it’s ReCore, that game made by devs of Metroid Prime and Mega Man fame.  Of course, a lot of people keep pretending this game doesn’t exist, but I’ll be giving it the usual coverage: expect a gameplay vid as well as a 3-hour release night live stream complete with $10 Xbox code giveaway!

Those ball-wands, I want to hold them.

I don’t have one yet, and the closer I look at it, the harder it is for me to want one.  What does that mean exactly?  It means I look at what I’m getting for $400 (or more obviously, $500 since I don’t have a PS Camera, and y’all know it’s not a complete experience without two colored ball-wands in your hands).  Tune into my YouTube channel to find out what my current stance is!

As usual, keep it locked here on for all your non-preferential gaming needs!

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