This Week: Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay, Live Stream, and Review

Hello Zylians!  I purchased the Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition, which means I’ve been playing it since last Friday!  I didn’t spend that extra money for nothing, though: I wholly intend to bring you my review THIS week!

The collector’s hard case is rather nifty looking!

However, since I have to do that thing called “work”, I don’t get to bring you content as timely as you probably want.  It’s too bad you’re probably not helping me on Patreon: every bit goes a long way to helping me put MORE time into the channel and LESS hours into paid slavery!  Fortunately, I really am pushing to get that review to you this week, and will be uploading a few gameplay videos to keep you appeased until my review hits the floor!

Furthermore, I will be live streaming it again on my regular Tuesday night, along with our dear Jeremy (Darth Praxis) joining me for some cargasms!

Look for my review as early as Thursday, or possibly as late as Friday.  I’ll be busting my ass in the meantime.

They suspect nothing.

Keep your eyes peeled on anything for all your gaming entertainment needs!



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