This Week: Perler Lancer Giveaway, Death Star DLC Review, “Gamer” Psychology, Gears of War 4

Hey Zylians, this week is a barrage of things!  BARRAGE ALL THE THINGS!

“Ohhh, I like big guns.”

The first thing on the list is an outstanding giveaway: this is potentially the world’s first perler Lancer from Gears of War!  I commissioned Shelfy to do this Krafty Koopa JUST so I could do a giveaway for you all, and the announcement for that is coming this week, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you know when the giveaway begins!  Also, you really should see/hear Shelfy talk about how she made it: talk about skills!

Oh cool, the Death Star, a Star Destroyer, and the Millennium Falcon all in one shot like they never have been at any point in time.

My apologies for the delay, but my review of the Star Wars Battlefront – Death Star DLC is arriving this week!  Is it everything the nostalgic Star Wars could ever want in a DLC pack?  Maybe… Maybe not…


This week’s video is a discussion video, and it addresses one very hard to address topic: the “gamer” psychology problem.  There’s a reason “gamer” is in quotes.  I am stupid, but not that stupid: I recognize there are good gamers, and good people in general to be found.  But when it’s nearly unanimous that reading the comment section or going to gaming community forums is THE place where you find the worst of the worst, it says something about the problem that creates the usual “gamer” psychology.  This video is not for the weak of opinion!

Nothing says a girl is a good cook like a badass knife.

And finally, much like Forza Horizon 3, I have kindly spent the extra money to bring you coverage and a review of Gears of War 4 earlier than my usual timetable.  This means on Friday night, you’ll have a nice release night stream complete with $10 Xbox code giveaway, and a review to look forward to next week!

Be sure to keep it locked here on for all your non-preferential gaming needs!

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