Star Wars Battlefront – Death Star (PS4 DLC Review)

DLC’s utmost importance in adding to a game is not just in value, but in terms of how refreshing it is.  Part of what makes valuable DLC valuable is not just that it gives you more stuff to do, but that it does more stuff differently.  I’m putting that out there because I do value risk that some developer’s take.


FINALLY, we have our space battle!  Yea, I only said “battle”.  That’s because it only includes the one map for Fighter Squadron that takes place around a Star Destroyer.  I’ve been waiting for space battles for awhile, and to only get one is immediately disappointing.  Thus, I’ll follow this up by telling you about the new mode called “Battle Station”.  This mode attempts something slightly different (fortunately), and is a sort of “win to progress” mode with the Rebels.  If you destroy the Star Destroyer in Fighter Squadron, it then moves onto the next stage, which is rescuing R2D2 in Blast mode.  If you rescue R2D2, you then move onto the third and ultimately most exciting: destroying the Death Star via Fighter Squadron mode again.  Fortunately, both Fighter Squadron modes DO bring objective-based gameplay, which also serves to be somewhat of a refresher.  And then you see this old-school Death Star explosion… and… that’s it.  You just went through what all the DLC has to offer in a matter of about 15-30 min depending on which side you were on and how well your team performed.  Sure, it adds some new weapons and gadgets, and the TL-50 Heavy Repeater (the easiest DLC weapon to get) does sound cool along with having a neat secondary fire function, but the content offering here is paltry.  When the Outer Rim DLC offered more modes and map variations, and the Bespin DLC offered even more modes, map variations, AND an increased head count, the Death Star DLC just does not stack up.  It’s over very quickly, and while for Star Wars fans and even myself it finds some solace in being so incredibly iconic, it really hurt that it was all medium, 24-player modes across 3 maps in single modes.  No Walker Assault, no Capture, nothing else: just Fighter Squadron and Blast on tap.  Ouch.


Funnily enough, I couldn’t tell what major changes were made, and while I could go do the research of looking up patch notes for you, I can simply tell you that if you played this since the Bespin DLC, you’ll notice barely anything different if at all.  The only note I’d like to make is that many players have leveled up their health nades and disruptors, so even if you’ve played since Bespin, be prepared for some previous DLC weaponry to mess your Force up.


It’s quite a simple summary, really.  It brings some needed objectives to Fighter Squadron, and does do something new with a map progression mode, but at the end of it all there is barely anything here.  I had my fun, and it was genuine fun.  I had my nostalgia movie trip, and it was genuine nostalgia.  It was just over so quickly that it left me wondering why they didn’t do more with it.  I admit that part of it really is likely the dying population, and creating too much content would divide everyone up resulting in long lobby wait times.  I note this because I can’t even get a match going on ANY of the previous DLC packs.  However, having said that in their defense, it’s still offensively little content to the point of dissatisfaction.

I give the Star Wars Battlefront – Death Star DLC…





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