This Week: Juxtaposition, Paper Mario Review!

Hey there Zylians!  Yes, I know some of you are strong-willed, and despite the lack of anything exciting in the Nintendo world, you still look forward to my coverage of anything Nintendo!  But first, a new article by Jeremy approaches…

If you look closely, you’ll see a dude napping in the street. Just kidding, he’s dead.

Our favorite Twitch mod and site editor has decided to form a new series to put his thoughts out on the internet with, and he’s aptly named it, “Juxtaposition”!  In this article series, he will be taking two games he finds similar, and comparing them.  For better or worst, this is a great way to both show how the industry may be running out of ideas, beginning to share them, or finding ways to make seemingly similar things different.  Who knows, he might even have access to a PS4 soon to really create a vast array of comparisons!  But to start, he’ll be comparing Destiny with The Division, so keep your eyes peeled for that article this week!

I’m not sure why, but pounding flowers is oddly satisfying. Take THAT, romance!

Yes, Nintendo lovers, my review of Paper Mario: Color Splash comes this week!  This flat, 2.5D adventure’s review should pop up on the usual main video day: Thursday at 12PM PST!  If you’ve been wondering whether or not to pick this up, I’ll have an answer for you in just a few days.  Tune into my YouTube channel so you’ll see it in your feed when it goes up!

As always, keep your sights here on for all that non-preferential gaming goodness!

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