Krafty Koopa: Super Mario Star 3D Perler Bank!

Hello everyone, it’s Shelfy and today I’m here with some instructions on how to create a 3D Perler beads Super Mario Star bank. You can use it to save up money for your gaming funds!

Materials Needed:

  • Perler beads
    • Yellow
    • Dark Yellow/ Light orange
    • Black
  • Iron
  • Perler/ ironing paper
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Creating Perler Pieces:

This craft consists of two main steps, creating the perler bead pieces and then assembling them into the bank, simple really! However, there are a lot of pieces to this project therefore I’ve included pictures of all the pieces I created. Use them as a guide to create all of them. As always, remember to place down perler paper on top of the piece before ironing. Be sure to pay extra attention to pieces that have beads on a diagonal, as those may require a little extra ironing time in order to fuse. I recommend that you start by ironing up and down in a very gentile motion and then once the beads are a bit more fused moving in circles.

The main Super Star piece of the bank. Create two of the same of these.
You can also create these pieces without the single black perler bead on the inside edges, instead just leave the outline on the star.
These are supposed to be dark yellow but I ran out so they are a darker orange.
These pieces will be oriented in many different ways. 
Two of these pieces are in the yellow color and the other ten are in the dark yellow color.
These pieces are similar to the ones above them but with one row removed.

Assembling Perler Pieces

The graphic below shows where the pieces to the bank go when it comes time for assembly. When working with the diagonal pieces, they will not snap into place, they can only be hot glued. Make sure that you’re completely ready before putting those pieces in. The part of the star underneath the eyes is the hardest to assemble properly. It is a tight squeeze with the two dark yellow diagonal pieces and the three small, skinny pieces on each side. Just take it slow and use lots of hot glue. In regards to both diagonal areas, use lots of reinforcing glue on the inside of your project. This is the best way to make sure it will not fall apart.

Be careful and go slow when gluing the diagonal pieces under the star’s eyes! It’s a tight fit, but everything does work out in the end. 

Remember not to glue every single piece that you’ve created, there needs to be some way to access the treasures inside! I recommend leaving the two large pieces that are the top of the star’s “arms” unglued. These are easily removed and snapped into place, making them good access areas.

Once all the pieces are glued together you are all finished! Now save up that gaming money!

Have fun saving up those sweet dolla, dolla bills yo

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