Meet Our Latest Staff Addition!

Hello! I said I’d be looking ways to expand the site to give everyone more content to look at, and without further ado, I introduce you to Jason! Yes, his name is also Jason! He preferred to use his site logo as his profile pic (come on, man, it’s okay to show your face!):

Jason, aka Tooterp

Here’s a brief quip from Jason himself:

Hey everyone, I’m Jason (tooterp) and I like to make videos every now and then. Sometimes they’re a little over the top but that’s because the main purpose of the videos is entertainment. So please don’t take anything I say too seriously!

He will be bringing his videos as posts to the site so that there’s a little more energy and a little more Nintendo and anime content (though he does play other stuff, too!). Want to check out who tooterp is for yourself? You can find him in the following places:

YouTube | Twitter

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