Nintendo Needs to Upgrade or Replace the Switch, ASAP!

I know, the Switch is selling great, and is even outpacing the Wii when the lifecycle sales are matched up, likely in large part due to covid19 which has been a silver lining for the gaming industry in general.  “But the Switch is selling just fine, they don’t need to upgrade” – well the PS4 sold really well, too, and so is the PS5.  Just because something sells well doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be improved.  The horse and carriage were selling just fine, why do we need cars?!

Watch the full discussion in the video above!

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo Needs to Upgrade or Replace the Switch, ASAP!

  1. I agree but it’s Nintendo. There’s probably an upgrade ready but it won’t be announced until sales slow down. That’s just how it goes, unfortunately.

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      1. What though? I’ve never cared for Mario, all the silly games with his name in the title or Legend of Zelda or anything else made by Nintendo………. except ONE name, Donkey Kong Country. And they don’t seem to want to make a brand new current gen version of that franchise in the past decade……. and when they do, its on hardware that is too far behind for me to give a damn.
        Bayonetta 3? Yeah, a PS5 looking sequel to the first game would be great, even a PS4 looking game which the Switch STILL won’t get even in 2021. I don’t want a Bayonetta game over a decade later that looks pretty much like a PS3 game again.

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        1. I’m not arguing the graphics part (obviously, right? lol), but you’re just looking at its core franchises. You’re missing out on titles like Astral Chain, or Splatoon, or Luigi’s Mansion, or Metroid Prime, or Xenoblade Chronicles. There are surely more, I just shot out a few off the top of my head. I can’t deny they have one of the most solid exclusive lineups, they’re just really bad about their HD ports being used to fill in the gaps while also charging full price for barely doing anything to enhance the game for modern hardware. The Link’s Awakening remake for Switch is THE only example of a properly made ground-up remake rather than port! But I digress… There are good games in there, and I hope you end up trying them someday!


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