Meet Our Latest Staff Return!

As I continually strive to diversify the content that website viewers will get to see, with it comes a return from someone long-time viewers know: Emma! Most of you know Emma for her Krafty Koopa as Shelfy. She will be bringing back arts and crafts to the YouTube gaming community which is sorely needed, among other things I’m sure!

Here’s a little message from Emma on her return:

After a very long hiatus I’m excited to come back to YouTube and make some crafty and fun content. Thank you to everyone who will be returning to this new chapter and I’m excited to meet those of you who are new! I am still in the process of coming up with other videos I’d like to make, so please bear with me. I’ll see you all soon on my new channel!

Yes, that’s right: Emma will be creating a new channel to reboot her presence on the YouTubes; but she will be trying to do at least one Krafty Koopa per month and she’ll even be posting the written guide right here on the site for all you artsy folks who just love making things with your hands!

Until she has her new channel launched you can follow her on Twitter!

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