Krafty Koopa: Nintendo Switch Accessory Box!

Hello everyone, it’s Shelfy and today I’m here with some instructions on how to create a 3D Perler beads Switch Box!

Materials Needed:

  • Perler beads
    • Dark Gray
    • Black
    • Light blue
    • Dark Pink
    • Red
    • White
    • Off white (optional)
  • Iron
  • Perler/ ironing paper
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Perler peg boards

Creating Perler Pieces:

Like the Super Mario Star bank, this craft consists of two main steps, creating the perler bead pieces and then assembling them into the box. This time there are eight pieces, and as usual there are pictures below for you to follow along with. As always, remember to place down perler paper on top of the piece before ironing. Be sure to pay extra attention to pieces that have beads on a diagonal, as those may require a little extra ironing time in order to fuse. I nearly had an incident where my diagonal edges on the front of the Switch were not fused. I recommend that you start by ironing up and down in a very gentile motion and then once the beads are a bit more fused moving in circles.

The front of the Switch accessory case! There’s only one piece like this, and it will serve as the lid of the box.
The back of the Switch box! There’s one of these pieces.
These two side pieces go where the joy-cons are.
These are the top and bottom pieces. Both are identical.
One of the diagonal pieces for the right joy-con, there are two of these.
The other diagonal piece for the left joy con, there are two of these.

Assembling Perler Pieces

To assemble the pieces for this craft, make sure to ONLY use hot glue on the bottom piece so that the lid can snap in and out of place. The pieces are pretty self explanatory as to where they go, but in the YouTube video I show the box progressing as I glue more and more pieces onto it.

Once you have assembled you are finished! Be sure to hide some cool stuff in this box, or something practical, whatever floats your boat.

Open box!
Closed box!

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