Does the Steam Deck REALLY Destroy the Nintendo Switch?

Hyperbole: people using words that are dramatic to make a point. But sometimes, certain things can be so one-sided that there’s a clear winner. Does the Steam Deck actually destroy the Nintendo Switch, though?

It just might! The video above compares several key areas: voice chat; ergonomics; and the library!

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2 thoughts on “Does the Steam Deck REALLY Destroy the Nintendo Switch?

  1. Excuse my French but in terms of hardware, the Deck doesn’t so much destroy the Switch as much as it beats it with a baseball bat, runs it over with a truck and then goes back in reverse while pissing on its still twitching corpse.

    But it is in no danger. I don’t think these devices target the same audience especially when let’s be honest here, Switch games don’t emulate well on the Deck so it has its value.

    So it depends on what you want. Switch is also more straightforward. Stick in a game, you don’t have to change any settings. Deck on the other hand gives you the option to change almost anything.

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    1. Keep in mind I really haven’t talked about emulation (mostly because most people WON’T be emulating on their Deck), and that the Deck can be used in the straightforward manner, too. Most people who buy one will use it that way, but it’s nice to have options in fiddling with settings. PC gaming is really all about flexibility and options, and Valve has made sure that even in a closed hardware environment, many of these options are still there.


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